Top Secret Invitation:
30 Min PD - Why Layer 7 filtering matters to K-12 schools?

11:00 AM PST May 25, 2017

Brandon Duckworth
K-12 networks are complicated! They are in constant threat from little spies (you know… students) who have confidential intel on how to get around your web filtering solution. Learn why it’s important to have a layer 7 firewall for all school devices from Securly’s Secret Agent Duckle-Oh-Seven (aka Brandon Duckworth). Get your PD in 30 mins!

Your Mission, To Join us and Learn:

  • Top Secret! - Application filtering necessities and the ability to block applications at a protocol level.
  • #Confidential - How to keep students from using VPNs and Tor.
  • #M16- Importance of pairing your web filtering solution with a solid Application firewall
  • Classified! - Reasons why your Run-of-the-mill network firewalls can't properly defend applications.
Date May 25, 2017
Time 11:00 AM PST
Reminder: Webinar Tomorrow!
Get your GPO and MDM PD from a Jedi Master
In tomorrow's webinar, Ducky-wan-Kenobi (Securly's Jedi knight in residence) will be telling you everything you ever wanted to know about GPOs and MDMs on K-12 networks. 30 minute PD guaranteed or your money back (I guess we can say that because its a free webinar).
11:00 AM PST March 23, 2017
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