Only a secret agent can avert Bring Your Own Disaster!

11:00 AM PST April 27, 2017

Brandon Duckworth
You're a K-12 IT Admin. You know what BYOD really means right? Learn how Securly's Duckle-Oh-Seven (aka Brandon Duckworth) helps our customers every day with common-sense networking approaches that keep your BYOD network from blowing up on you.

In this 30 minute webinar, you will learn:

● Segmenting Guest networks.
● Deploying certificates (aka Walther PEMs) on Guest Networks.
● K-12 best practices on Guest Networks and BYOD.

Date April 27, 2017
Time 11:00 AM PST
Reminder: Webinar Tomorrow!
Get your GPO and MDM PD from a Jedi Master
In tomorrow's webinar, Ducky-wan-Kenobi (Securly's Jedi knight in residence) will be telling you everything you ever wanted to know about GPOs and MDMs on K-12 networks. 30 minute PD guaranteed or your money back (I guess we can say that because its a free webinar).
11:00 AM PST March 23, 2017
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